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Wealth Management

You have a vision of the future.  We build customized investment strategies to help you work pursue it.

The wealth management industry is rapidly changing.  We employ a comprehensive planning approach combined with sophisticated technology designed to optimize your results and help work toward your financial goals. Our investment approach identifies your unique investment goals, and establishes a personalized investment plan utilizing Finance Logix®, a client-facing software product designed to be highly intuitive in the planning, executing, and tracking cycles of wealth management.

In addition to planning for retirement, you also want to provide for your children’s college education.  You want happy, successful children, but you may also be feeling the squeeze of paying for college while keeping retirement planning on track.  We can help identify ways to reduce your out-of-pocket college costs-without compromising your retirement savings goals.  Utilizing Collegiate Funding Solutions Software, we go beyond simply ‘saving for college’ to help families make better, smarter, more informed college planning and funding decisions.